Technical Information

MARPOL Co. polishing buffs are high class products of determined shape - even when they are small. MARPOL Co. product control is subject to rigorous standards; “Uncompromising” control criteria are applied to ensure an absolutely even quality, piece by piece, irrespective of production quantities. In addition to the ever reliable quality of MARPOL Co. polishing buffs you may expect increased productivity, minimized machine setup times and above average service lives. Purchasing MARPOL Co. products means making a profitable investment, because our polishing buffs worth more than their price. Our bias buffs are designed to meet the rigorous demands of automatic machinery operating at high speeds, with increased pressures. The puckered and corrugated construction coupled with the design of the air - cooled ventilated metal center, (removable or permanent) creates jet - steam ventilation for uniform air-flow between the buffs assembled on the spindle. Air is drawn in through the metal center gaps and centrifugally forced between the sections and outward to the face, which helps overcome excessive heat build-up ecountered in automatic buffing. Bias buffs are made in a variety of types to handle any job requirement from heavy, high production, cut-down to light coloring operation. These buffs work equally well for off - hand, semi - automatic and automatic operations. Our buffs may be used on ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals or plastics. Our bias buffs run cooler, cut faster and endure longer than other types of wheels under high speed conditions. MARPOL Co. offers a comprehensive range of impregnation for cotton and sisal buffs. Impregnation has developed through decades of experience and continues to be improved and extended to suit new materials and the ever-changing needs of the market. At all MARPOL Co. facilities impregnation is constantly subjected to strict quality control procedures.

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