Technical Information

We have a wide range of solid compounds, as we do for the liquid compounds, in order to meet the various and different requirements for both manual and automatic use. The abrasives are aluminum oxide, corundum, tripoly, etc. all originating from well established and reliable manufacturers that are able to maintain a continuous high quality standard. We have developed a wide range of products for the polishing of stainless steel, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious metals and other special applications. Hereunder are the major reasons why there are so many different products in our solid polishing compound production program.

  • Revisions in the customer’s polishing process
  • Product diversity
  • The quality of the raw materials
  • Variation of the intended surface quality
  • Diversification of the intended colour at the final polishing
    Blue effect, Yellow effect, Deep Black effect, etc.
  • Human sense which is a subjective conception

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