About us

Why choose Marpol Co.?
Marpol Co is a family-owned and operated business for over 39 years. We are not a corporate conglomerate but a family that has dedicated its lives to the metal industry. Marpol Co. is a corporation that knows the polishing business well. Marpol Co. exports its products to more than 150 customers in 30 countries worldwide.

You are very Important for us
Marpol Co. has grown since our beginning in 1970 through our quality products and service, customer loyalty, and acquisitions. We have several manufacturing facilities to serve you better. Marpol Co. is large enough to meet your every finishing need economically and also professional enough to know, care and react to customers’ urgent needs on time.

Your Business is Important for us
Everyone at Marpol Co. takes your business seriously. We are constantly upgrading our systems, procedures, end equipments. With our modern facilities, we are large enough to take care of your volume needs, and yet small enough to react to your rush requirements. We have now a fully computerized production control bar-coding tracking system to monitor and track your order. Marpol’s pursuit of quality and service is never ending.

Single Supplier Source
From “Start to Finish”, Marpol Co. manufactures virtually every finishing product your company needs. Let us be your one-stop shop. Unlike many other suppliers in the metal finishing industry, as some manufacture only compound and others manufacture buffs, we are a leading manufacturer to manufacture a full and comprehensive line of finishing products including buffs, compounds, abrasive flap wheels, abrasive belts, polishing wheels and non-woven flap wheels. Choosing Marpol as your single supplier source means that you will have economic benefits by reducing your vendor base and save the money associated with processing costs.

Reduce your Costs
Extend the life of your buffs up to 30% by choosing our special buffs. These buffs customized to your requirements, save you on our cost per work piece with their extended lives, and with less down time due to fever buff head changes.

Our Partnership Program
We would like to establish a long term cooperation with you. Our program meets all for your needs. With our 39 years of experience let us help you with your finishing applications. Call Marpol’s office and talk to our sales representatives to find out the deatils.


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